training for results

The secret to great training is combining skill based training with the right attitude shifts.

Skilled people with the right attitude are the key to success!

Do this with highly experienced facilitators using a mix of skills, strategies and experiences to faciltate real learning - and retention of the learning is assured.

Our training delivers tangible results by motivating staff, helping people be more positive and building a culture of trust.


coaching for success

One-on-one coaching is a powerful way to inspire leaders to achieve extraordinary results.

More than any other single factor, people’s limiting beliefs about what is possible for them determines the results that they get.

Wayne will guide you through a process towards self-discovery. He will  help you clarify your goals and then, where necessary equip you with the tools and insights you need to get the results you want.

conflict management

Conflict happens in all human relationships.  In this time of rapid change, companies restructuring and social stresses increasing, it is no surprise that conflict is on the rise.  Handled badly it can harm, even damage individuals, relationships, organisations and communities.  Handled well, it can help identify and solve problems and build stronger, deeper relationships.

A couple of questions for you and your staff …..

  • Could you handle conflict better?
  • Why do many people deal with it so badly?
  • What is the cost of conflict in your workplace?
Our Conflict KnowHow training will be specifically designed to help you deal with conflict in your workplace
An introduction from Wayne McDonald
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"During 3 years of working with Wayne as my Business Coach, we have increased my turnover by over 300% by working 'smarter, not harder'. I work less and earn more".
Andrew Cole – AWC Business Solutions, Heathpool, Adelaide

"I have taken Success KnowHow's Sales training and within 7 days, using just one skill, I made more than double the course fee!
Simon Caust, Keep Trak Navman Wireless, Adelaide

"Wayne McDonald's sales training course has been vital in helping me gain the sales skills I need as a business owner. Before finishing the course I was able to close a sale for a $15,000 project, so Wayne's training has been money well invested for our business."
Sonya Weiser, Weiser Consulting, Adelaide

" excellent return on investment with this program"

Mark Sandren, MD, Austway Group of Companies, Sydney

"We've improved business across the board and income is up 57% on the same period last year.  Success KnowHow's training and individual coaching sessions were the best thing we could have done for our business"

Dr Ash Martin, Creation Innovation, Adelaide

Wayne McDonald is a master trainer, presenter and coach with 26 years of international experience